From the recording Short Stories


there could be some criticism for that I'd expect
mostly from my parent and the guys that I work with
or they could be envious even think that I'm the man
if I ever start living in my van

could be a legend the guy that never pays rent
could be a weirdo with more dollars than cents
could be so confined I'd have to learn how to cram
I wonder if I could live in a van

big dreams big man big dreams

there's thousands of ideas on pinterest people post
of vans that look like cabin by the mountains or the coast
they make it look so homely with a customised plan
I wonder if i could live in a van

I know nothing about wood work I wouldn't know what to do
I'd have to buy a jigsaw a sander and a router too
I hope that I can do it without cutting off my hands
I wonder if I could live in a van

big dreams big man big dreams

I wouldn't need to garden or mow down and grass
the pictures on my wall would be the scenery I'd pass
and all of my neighbours will be my friends on the road
and my pets would be Cane Toads

oh don't you wanna feel that big old lump of steel
put your foot down to the floor grip your hands on the wheel
pull up by a coastline under a tausend moving stars
and lie there with that girl in your arms

big dreams big man big dreams

what if you get sad? well I'll pump my own tires
what if you get annoyed? well I'll sho out all the flies

so you can call me a hobo call me a loof
call me a flower child or say that I'm uncooth
you can call me crazy for what I wanna do
but I wanna start living in my van

call me a beatnik or a subterrainian bum
call me a dropout or a lame bohemian
I'll call you from a lonely telephone booth
and say I've got
4 wheels and the truth

big dreams big man big dreams