Tim Woodz is a storytelling folk singer with a quirky narrative who has won the Maldon Minstrel award and toured with iconic performer Tex Perkins. Tim grew up in Churchill and developed his love of folk songs and musical style from attending the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club's monthly events and folk festivals as a teenager. His songwriting is spontaneous, energetic and warm, often about things that you wouldn't think to write about, from possums on powerlines to Melbourne's Westgate bridge to backyard cricket. Lyrically he's able to spark nostalgic and charming imagery with his innocently styled song tall trees. Tim Woodz is a trained musician and natural performer and a bit of goof. He brings all this together for a unique experience with well crafted songwriting.

A true champion”

— Ashley Naylor - Even

I always love seeing Tim play, if I'm not smiling before he's hit the stage, I definitely am once he's finished. An easy-going dude with a lot of music to share with the world.”

— Xani Kolac - The Twoks