1. Food truck

From the recording Short Stories


I bought an old truck for 50 bucks
and a half drunk slab of corona
got it fixed up from a mate round the block
he said man I'm coming with ya
we got the things going and the beers were flowing
hanging out just me and my mate
we went down the street and we got a good spot
pulled up by the shade

in our food truck
me and my mate in a food truck
selling pancakes in a food truck
talking to beautiful woman
everything was doing fine
going surfing to pass the time

we got up early as the birds were chippy
and we noticed another van there
their was a man with a scare below his left eye
and long curly dark hair
we asked what he was doing he said
nothing really just roasting pumpkin and potatoes
we said are you selling them or something special
he said yeah look at my menu

oh shit he's got a menu
stealing our business with his menu
he's got fancy lights and a menu
he's talking to beautiful women
everything was doing fine
not really not this time

so we got up in the middle of the night
and we stole that fella's van
we drove it down south to the great city lights
to a quiet little town called melbourne
I was in the van my mate was in the other
we were racing and smiling at each other
we were selling pancakes just like before
but then my mate his name was richard

baked a potato
selling pancakes and potato
selling pumkin pacakes and potatos
talking to beautiful women
everything was doing fine
drinking coffee to pass the time