1. Lament

From the recording On a wire


You are the sun you are my sky my most peculiar thing I courted myself alone with you and gave you my wedding ring How the world turns fast, faster than I can see I was just a young man and now that young man is me.

Lament for you’re red hair, lament for your green eyes No regrets just a little lament, tonight.

We were making plans and holding hands as simple lovers know There was nothing in our world, just our own picture show Now looking out my window the world inside a frame There’s so much more to live for but I’d love you again and again

Two lovers hearts can never part when a lovers soul entwined You can leave me on my own; you can leave my body behind We’ll meet again someday on the outside of my dreams In the middle of the air laying next to my chair with your hair flowing like a stream.