1. Churchill Girl

From the recording On a wire


As I went out one evening with the hope for a surprise The barmaid I was facing had heard all my pick-up lines And the hall way was quiet when I began to stare And there she came though the doorway with her dazzling red curly hair

I made my way to dance floor for my 5th beer dance But the mirrors in the disco ball seemed too paralyse my pants All I could dance was the robot and I hope that no one would see There she sat on a bar stool with her eyes fixed on me

She’s the sweetest Churchill girl that ever knew my name I took her to the pondage with the power station puffing away And I starred at her with my Scorpio eyes as we ate lunch at charcoal chicken And I thought to myself man, she’s finger licking

I made my way to bar but she was talking to her friend Then some guy asked me how the weather was so I repeated myself again I gave him the information and he looked typically amazed And she sat next to them and told they were lame

She’s the sweetest Churchill girl that every knew my name I took her to Jeeralang hills where the clouds were insane We were gonna go to the noodle bar but I think that closed down So it was Charcoal Chicken and an up-side down frown

So when I woke up in the morning, I thought she was gone I didn’t know where my clothes were but I still had my shoes on And my head it felt like an earthquake and all I could taste was leather Then she came in with a coffee and I suddenly felt better

She’s the sweetest Churchill girl that ever knew my name I took her down the big dipper and put adrenaline through her veins I told her I liked her haircut and she told me she liked my hat She’s the sweetest girl in Churchill how about that? The sweetest girl in Churchill and that’s that