From the recording On a wire


Well ya walking down the road,
With ya clean clothes that you hold
All your coins go jingle jangle
You’ve got dollars from your hips to your ankle

Put a dollar in and watch it spin

When your drying your clean clothes
People tend to leave the show
But you’ve got your banjo on your lap
And ya playing tunes down the Laundromat

Put a dollar in and watch it spin

Got your wallet from your pocket, dollar in the slot then you rock it
Watch it spin all night long you can watch it spin til the early dawn
Can’t stop watching it spin

Then a guy walked through the door
And I don’t think his seen a weirdo like a you before
And I knew that he was thinking something
But we both started singing

Put a dollar in and watch it spin

It just goes round and round, makes a humming kind of sound
It sits right next to the washing machine it’s a whole lot better
than a gambling machine
I just can’t stop watching it spin