1. Possum

From the recording On a wire


On the 8th day of august, a mother possum did cry Found her husband on the wire, up in the sky electrified She said gather round all you possums, before we all wind up dead She got all the animals together and this is what she said

Keep your tail, keep your tail, keep your tail up in the sky If you ever go walking on a wire, keep your tail up by and by

Well weeks went by and another and more possums started to stray Mother possum saw a baby possum on a wire on a sunny day She said get down there young boy, you’re really in trouble now Seen as though you’re walking on a wire, I better tell you how right now

So the young boy was walking on the line and all the other possums watched But he keep his tail up like she said and avoided electric shock And when he got down all safely all the possums cheered him on And when they asked how he did it he told em how it was done