1. New Years Eve

From the recording On a wire


It’s usually something I don’t usually say but I think I might say it anyway I thought seen as though it’s new years eve I’ll just tell you this and go away When midnight strikes and the sun comes up I’ll most likely be alone Just want to tell you that I think of you even by the crackle of a mobile phone

They say that love is a doing word if you love someone let em know
But it’s alright cause I don’t even like you I just think that you’re wonderful

This year wouldn’t have been the same if I didn’t have you as a friend And my insecurities came to the boil when your pretty face came around the bend And I don’t know why I have to have a heart attack every time I go to tell you the truth The truth is if I told you from the start you wouldn’t have been so confused

Yeah tonight the fireworks will make a big noise and the colours will look pretty in the sky And the dogs will bark and think the worlds blowing up and the teenagers will start running wild And my friends will party to the break of dawn with their lovers by their side And the reality of me and you together is futher away than the horizon line