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Latest Release "One Day She Will"

‘One Day She Will’ is a moving, achingly honest piece of art that explores Tim's most intimate emotions. 



To Launch on 12th June 2022

This is a concept album dedicated to my daughter.

Everyday I think about what you’re up to, how you are, all kinds of things that hang around or float away. All I can do is watch them as they go by or sit with them for a little while. Occasionally I’d try to write emails about how I feel to an address that I set up for you, with the idea that someday I’d give you the password and you can read all about how much I miss you - in chronological order. But I write songs, not emails.

Stay well, I love you.

All songs written by Tim Woodz
Produced by Tim Woodz and Niko Schäuble

Recorded at Pughouse Studios, Thornbury, Vic, Australia.
Between January and June 2021.

Tim Woodz - Vocals, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Harmonica, Uke, Banjo, Mandolin, Steel Guitar.
Maxine Sutcliffe - Double Bass, Violin.
Stephen Lebsanft - Trombone.
Steven Grant - Accordian, Trumpet.


Tim Woodz is a storytelling folk singer with a quirky narrative who has won the Maldon Minstrel award and toured with iconic performer Tex Perkins. Tim grew up in Victoria and developed his love of folk songs and musical style from attending the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club's monthly events and folk festivals as a teenager. His songwriting is spontaneous, energetic and warm, often about things that you wouldn't think to write about, from possums on powerlines to backyard cricket. Tim Woodz is a natural performer who brings laughter, love and insight along with well crafted sing-along songs.

Backyard Cricket Official Video