Tim Woodz w/ Semeil

The Junk Bar, 215 Waterworks Rd,, Ashgrove, QLD

Spontaneous songsmith Tim Woodz, bringing quirky beatnik vibes to the Junk Bar with Semeil! A raucous evening of great acoustic indulgence. Melbourne based songwriter Tim Woodz will hit the road playing gigs and festivals up the east coast while living in his van! Stopping by to see his good friend of 10 years Gav aka Semeil, to enjoy a night of music at the Junk Bar Wednesday the 3rd of August. Enigmatic Semeil will be performing his poetically infused, rebel ballads with the amazing Sophie Ellis on Viola. The very tall Tim Woodz is an iconic Australian performer, you simply cannot miss! Tim Woodz Tim Woodz is a storytelling folk singer with a quirky narrative who has won the Maldon Minstrel award and toured with iconic performer Tex Perkins. Tim grew up in Churchill and developed his love of folk songs and musical style from attending the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club's monthly events and folk festivals as a teenager. His songwriting is spontaneous, energetic and warm, often about things that you wouldn't think to write about, from possums on powerlines to Melbourne's Westgate bridge to backyard cricket. Lyrically he's able to spark nostalgic and charming imagery with his innocently styled song tall trees. Tim Woodz is a trained musician and natural performer, he brings all this together for a unique experience with well crafted songwriting. Semeil I started performing as Old Semeil around 2015, after some other nom de plumes fell by the wayside. Sophie Ellis (viola, harmonies, horses) rode into the scene not long after and we’ve been making our music together since. It can’t be overstated enough how much Old Semeil is a collaboration. Together we have toured the East coast of Australia, as well as performances at Brisbane Festival & Darwin Fringe Festival, and continue to play in and around South East Queensland. Since forming we have released four singles (A Brief Episode, The Messenger, Souvenirs & The Messenger Remix), a demo EP in 2017 and our debut album ‘Lessons Of The Rope’ in 2021. 'Lessons Of The Rope' is a full band affair, expanding the line up with Steph McIntyre (drums) & Harry Pierce (bass). Recoded live on the farm by local producer Michael Josephson (Josephson Records) the 8 songs on the album represent the last 5 years of writing.