Gig Guide

A memoir of a hot Melbourne night 

It's hot!! the air con is broken and there is not a single ceiling fan in the house. There is a slight southerly breese drifting in through the back door and drafting it's way through the kitchen into my room where I lay crouched on the floor and type this and doing general website updates and visit facebook crap every now and then, and then the drifting weezely air drifts out the front door straight onto the street where I can hear cars, someone yelling and sometimes a door slam. Right now though there is a man's voice barking with short statcatto bite sized low stabs of noise. I guess the heat effects everyone in different ways. Let people be people until they look they're gonna hurt people, is the motto that I have just made up while writing this. 


Tim Woodz is a storytelling folk singer with a quirky narrative who has won the Maldon Minstrel award and toured with iconic performer Tex Perkins. Tim grew up in Churchill and developed his love of folk songs and musical style from attending the Gippsland Acoustic Music Club's monthly events and folk festivals as a teenager. His songwriting is spontaneous, energetic and warm, often about things that you wouldn't think to write about, from possums on powerlines to Melbourne's Westgate bridge to backyard cricket. Lyrically he's able to spark nostalgic and charming imagery with his innocently styled song tall trees. Tim Woodz is a trained musician and natural performer and a bit of goof. He brings all this together for a unique experience with well crafted songwriting.